What we do (simplified)

  • Websites/platforms and high availability hosting solutions for
    • Financial sector
    • Oil & Gas industry
    • International Shipping
    • Tourism industry
  • Support for existing custom infrastructures

Target Audience

  • In need for an enormous experience, 24/7/365 live support on the phone and bulletproof infrastructure.
  • in need for custom made software and 100% availability for mission critical businesses

Infrastructure Services

  • Databases (with optional replications)
  • Web servers
  • VoIP servers
  • Specialized software machines
  • Backup servers
  • Remote desktops

Call Center CRM/Forex CRM

  • Industry leading one-stop shop for any forex callcenter/broker
  • Mass-mailing and online campaigns with extensive tracking and analytics
  • Click2Call with multiple VoIP providers, agent never sees email/phone of the lead
  • Advanced compliance
  • Split withdrawals, extended transaction management
  • Partners/Whitelabels
  • Full CMS (Wordpress-like) to manage website and client area
  • Executive/Financial Reports
  • Extremely granular users and roles permissions
  • Scheduled jobs, hardware managements (firewalls, SMTP)
  • Integrate by yourself any PSP (DepositAPI/PSPService)
  • Assign PSP/Payment gateway to countries, currencies, clients
  • Cascade deposit options
  • Advanced UTM/Lead source and simple, flexible Registration API. Register leads directly from any landing page

Webhosting of High Importance

  • This is boutique offer, priced accordingly at €200/domain.
  • It's basically as good as it gets - everything necessary for you to never worry about your website.
    This is not that far from any other premium hosting, we just cut off the economic class entirely
    Our strength lies in decades of experience so naturally this is what we want to sell and this is covered by the price.
  • The support highlights
    • No limits on anything (technologies,email acocunts, space etc)
    • 24/7 bearded nerds at support channels of your choice (phones, Skype, Matrix networks)
    • Feels just like a remote branch of your company
  • Non-exhaustive list of selected technical details
  • List of datacenters with remarks and preference

Payment Methods

  • Bank
  • Blockchain (all Coinbase accepted)
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Paypal


  • No cookies (except session)
  • No partners
  • No tracking/analytics
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