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Group of programmers and system engineers for hire

We sell knowledge and experience (since May 1997)

  • We are international group of 11 experienced professionals consists of:
    • Programmers (Python/C#/PHP) (UK, RU, PL, CY)
    • System administrators (Linux/Unix) (PL, RU, CY, IT)
    • Web Developers (PL, RU, IN, IT, DE)
    • Data developers (PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQLServer) (UK, PL, IN)
  • We maintain online infrastructures:
    • Database servers (incl. internal programming, replications, failovers etc)
    • Web servers (all major technologies)
    • Mail servers and mailing systems (incl. mass mailing campaigns)
    • Network Security (incl. major 3rd party tools: Imperva, Cloudflare, custom systems)
    • and everything in between
  • We build complex software and online systems for financial sector, international shipping and oil&gas industry
  • Occasionally we do nice and eye-catchy websites

When would you enjoy our services

  • You are struggling to keep 24/7 stable infrastructure
  • You want to be sure that all your websites, data and documents are backed up and safe from any disasters
  • You don't have an IT department or you would rather employ bunch of professionals instead another non-tested person
  • You need custom, tailor-made software/web application/website


We use session cookie. We dont use analytics/tracking/marketing/partners etc. We dont know (and in fact we dont really care much) who is visiting the site and how often.

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