Datacenters we use(d) (scroll down for pricing)

  • We use below locations for the server colocation/hosting. All servers are managed (means managed by us, with obligatory support and maintenance)
  • Everything below Preference 3 (for main system and for mirror systems) is not being used anymore. Based on several years of experience. * Our Preference is not an overall Rating!**. For instance SoftLayer is best of the best and rating should be 5++ but mooning prince makes it very low preference for main or mirrored system just due to the cost. Read Pro and Cons
Provider Preference Pro Con Final Notes
UpCloud 4N+1 High Availability, Internal networks, Good speed Priced like Digital Ocean, Bad transfer to Hetzner - avoid for mirroring Good, use it
Scaleway/ 1Price, BW This one is a joke. Support is a joke, stability is a joke. Cloud servers on Raspberry PI or other ARM, No money return or replacing servers even 10 second after the ordering. Avoid at all cost except for spare tests or secondary backup. Using this provider is forbidden in our company for any live activities Forbidden except private activities
Hetzner4.5EverythingReduced BW to competitors, bad connection between their Ger and Fin datacenters. On disk failure you are on your own, they ship disks with DHL and wash hands Good, use it
Webtropia 3Price, dirt cheap Windows serversMess in the administration, terrible support, separate invoice for each server so 20 invoices per month Use for non-critical Windows
SoftLayer 3Stunning qualityPrice from the moon Good, very good, use it if you are rich
Myloc3Same as Webtropia Same as webtropia Webtropia datacenter
OVH3Price, VLAN, BW Spin new services and shutting them down Nothing wrong, use it if needed
AWS3 It's just AWS Price, BW, it's a blackbox, hence no-go for privace/financial hosting Nothing wrong, use it if needed
Azure3 It's just Azure Price, BW, it's a blackbox, hence no-go for privace/financial hosting Nothing wrong, use it if needed
Google Cloud Platform3 It's just better than AWS and Azure it's a blackbox, hence no-go for privace/financial hostingNothing wrong, use it if needed
Digital Ocean4 Everything Pricing, regions Good, use it
Vultr4 It's OK, just UpCloud is better Disk IO, performance Use it for Asia
Aruba3 Average provider, OK for most things, good for Eastern EU Pricing, retarded panel (separate URL for account and machines) Use it for East EU
Contabo / Gigahosting3.5 OK price, OK for most things It's OK Use for distributed systems
Binary Lane3 Awesome Windows deployment and maintenance Pricing,performance Use it for Windows or general Australia/NZ
Leaseweb3.5 Infrastructure is stable, dedicated servers OK, BW OK. Access to technical support straight from the online chat on main website, friendly people that want to help. Good experience. Virtual servers are a joke. Feels like each country is different company that dont know about each other. Technical support OK, rest support so-so, accounting is in mess Good, use it


Standard support fee :

  1. 500 EUR/month for the infrastructure +
  2. 15% cap on the used services.

This makes us very predictable (price-wise) without creating thousands of columns of spreadsheet price offers.

I.e: you have 10 servers €100 each = €1000 in total. We charge you 15% of 1000 (150)+ support 500. You pay €1650.

Depends on the size of your project and assorted services, you dont need to ask us for an offer - you already know the price, before we even know about it. It also resolves all further upgrades, downgrades etc.

If certain service is incredibly annoying and requires a lot of unnecessary work due to their support/engineers - customer will be informed and price might raise. This occurs once/twice every year with certain providers, but it's a very rare case · HTML: 2003/04/11 14:03 by Kaczor -> Wiki: 2007/01/01 05:54 by TylkoNieRuda! -> Last modified: 2019/07/25 03:07 by gnuhost
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