Shared hosting

All hosting servers are located in Germany, France and Netherlands


We sell knowledge, so all packages are MANAGED (our support is obligatory). This lets us offer much more than typical hosting services:

  • All accounts are fully unlocked with no limitations
  • Emails sent via SendGrid with increased deliverability
  • CDN: endpoints across the world for static files

  • We DONT limit any plugins or challenges until it meets common sense
  • Paid, hiqh quality antispam and antiviruses included
  • Wordpress comments antispam
  • Shell access (SSH)
  • Nonstandard frameworks (Django, Rails, Flask etc)
  • GIT deployment
  • No limits on Plesk extensions, Wordpress installations etc.


Those are not typical webhosting packages. Premium price and obligatory support drives away smaller customers, but offers unprecedented quality, direct support contact, security and availability.

  • Tech savvy customers will enjoy the direct access to the engineers on the first line support and help they receive, with basically all requests.
  • Customers with limited tech knowledge should just specify, what they want to achieve - and leave the rest to us.

Example panel:


2-3 €99
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