The beauty is in the eye of the beer holder.

We choose the clarity of communication over IKEA manual

Things should be as simple as possible (but not simpler) - so here we are

Ever heard of Warren Buffet? Check his website.

Look Ma! It's responsive! Even though looks like, well, you finish the sentence. And was mobile friendly before mobiles even have screens (and were carried in suitcases)

But for now: you reached the 6th line of FAQ on the site you didn't need it. We won. 99% other webdesigners lost.

If ever the excrement hits the air circulation unit - you definitely want simple, solid, clear communication over slick talk with average results, right?

So this is the site that reflects our working attitude. Simple, full of content (dig in the FAQ), with all important information on one screen instead of 6 unnecessary positions in the menu and stock photos.

So, simple, fast, easy to maintain by non-programmers, responsive, full of content, with working search (thats new, huh?), easy to navigate and you still dont like it? Meh…

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