Amity Data Control is now a part of Gnuhost

We do expect to migrate all remaining customers to our systems till the end of December 2018

New email settings

After the email migration, you will not be able to access your mailbox without changing the settings.

Please adjust your devices as follows:

Incoming email (IMAP):
Port: 143
Login: <your_full_email_address>
Password: <provided_password>
Security: STARTTLS / TLS

Outgoing email (SMTP):
Login: <your_full_email_address>
Password: <provided_password>
Port: 587
Security: STARTTLS / TLS

Migration interruptions

  • Downtimes, up to 1 hour per domain during the migration
  • Interruptions in email communication - up to 1 hour per domain

Billing and Pricing

  • All Amity fees will NOT be changed
  • Billing details will be changed to the ones of Gnuhost
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