• Find a template you like the most. Accepted formats are
    • Site Template (those are cheap)
    • Wordpress Template (those are not cheap)
  • Our customization fee : €200 for basic customization, for example:
    • You want hotel/booking site (Site Template, priced €20)
    • We install it on the server, adding administration panel, replacing images, adding maps, contact form, making everything works.
  • More complex websites, changes in the template are a subject to further negotiation, usually never exceeds €2000

Wordpress Template vs Site Template

  • Wordpress Template
    • Recommended if your site is everything between simple company page up to basic e-commerce
    • It WILL require some technological engagement, but if you can manage your Facebook account, you will probably do just fine. If not - we are here to help for free. Up to the point of course.
    • Internet is full of Wordpress tutorials and unless you build specialized platform for something unusual - you should be just fine.
  • Site Template
    • If sky is the limit, this is footprint on the moon. Theres nothing we cannot do with it
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