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Email campaigns


  • We design your email
  • Unlimited recipients
  • Delivery reports
  • Click/open reports


  • below 10k recipients: €0.03/email
  • above 10k recipient: €0.02/email


We customize the server software to tweak it to the desired roles

  • Databases (with optional replications)
  • Web servers
  • VoIP servers
  • Specialized software machines
  • Backup servers
  • Cloud storage units
  • Remote desktops
  • Game servers
  • Any other required role

IT management/support, integration and consulting

Management and support

If you already have online infrastructure, anywhere between single website and complex multi-tier applications, we are ready to help in almost every aspect: from simple webdesign, through hosting services, payments integrations, cryptocurrencies, mail services, DNS, containers up to security audits and 3rd eye opinions.

For existing infrastructures we are able to overtake most of the projects which for various reasons are struggling to continue


If you are using multiple online services (emails in one place, website in another, accounting elsewhere etc) - we can help you simplify the infrastructure and definitely make it more cost effective.


Our vast knowledge lets us choose the right solution in the right prices for your projects, regardless of the scale.


Software platforms

  • 2010-now: Forex CRM (€2500/month inc. all 3rd party services.)
  • 2008-now: E-sport arena management (€700/month)
  • 2013-now: Online ticket events booking (€200-€3200/month)
  • 2013-now: Property management/maintenance (€600/month)

Long time contracts

It's impossible to predict the price, but in general it doesnt exceed the salary of a single IT administrator on premises, offering group of experienced and battle-tested professionals at the same cost.

Single cases


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